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I just received my Haven Hunter Panorama Fits Over Sunglasses and they look great. Very conservative look. They look and fit great. My frames fit perfectly and their 'arms' cover my other glasses...They don't block out my vision at all, which is excellent.
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Dioptics : UV Education
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Advanced UV Protection®
Although most sunglasses feature lenses that block 100% UVA/UVB, the sunglass frame itself is as important as the lenses. If you are wearing a pair of sunglasses that feature UV blocking lenses, but the frame doesn't protect your eyes from unfiltered peripheral light, then your eyes are still being exposed to harmful UV rays.

Dioptics sunglasses feature designs that conform to our principles of Advanced UV Protection® . Advanced UV Protection® sunglasses not only have lenses that block 100% UVA/UVB, but the frames wraparound to block stray light. Advanced UV Protection® prevents the majority of unfiltered light from reaching your eyes since the frames feature extra protection on the top and sides.

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