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These glasses are perfect they fit over my prescription glasses, Makes it really easy for me to see the fish in the water on a nice bright day. This is a must have if you fish or go to the beach a lot.
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Glare is all around us. Although glare is not harmful in itself, it can create conditions that make it very difficult to see clearly. Blinding glare is extremely dangerous, especially when driving or traveling at speed. Glare is generated by any reflective surface. The road, pavement, sand, water, snow, or almost anything can create glare. Glare can be reflected from below, above or in the peripheral.

When your eyes are hit by glare, you may have a tendency to squint. If left untreated, glare can eventually lead to eye strain and fatigue. It can lead to sore eyes and ultimately headaches. Glare is an uncomfortable distraction and will reduce your visual acuity.

The most effective way to eliminate glare is Polarization. 100% Polarized sunglasses will eliminate glare, allowing you to see things clearly, without any visual discomfort. Polarization works like a set of chemical horizontal blinds...allowing light to calmly reach your eyes in a controlled and organized fashion.

As one of the leading proponents of polarization, we offer a range of polarized lenses in various tints and quality levels. All of our polarized sunglasses deliver 100% polarization efficiency.

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