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These glasses are perfect they fit over my prescription glasses, Makes it really easy for me to see the fish in the water on a nice bright day. This is a must have if you fish or go to the beach a lot.
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Lens Tints

All our sunglass tints deliver 100% polarization* and block 100% of harmful UV rays, but lens tints do limit the amount of light that is transmitted to your eyes. They can also alter color perception and contrast. All of our lens tints meet or exceed FDA standards and are safe for daytime driving.

Gray - Our polarized gray lenses deliver approximately 15% light transmission. This means that approximately 85% of light is completely blocked out. This is typical for a gray lens. Gray lenses are the most common tint in sunglasses as they deliver natural color definition. Colors will appear sharp and true to reality.

Copper - Our polarized copper lenses are a brown tone, also referred to as copper or driving.  This tint will transmit approximately 13% of available light to your eyes. Our copper lenses increase contrast, which improves depth perception. This proprietary tint is often popular for daytime driving. It has a very warm, soothing effect on your eyes, but does alter your color perception.

* Eyesential sunglasses are not polarized due to the needed application of anti-fog coating.

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