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Fit Over Sunglasses
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If you work outside, your eyes can get sunburned, just like your skin. These glasses shield your eyes, fit over any prescription glasses, and stay snug even if you're moving around. Unlike other fits-over glasses, these block the sun from the top and the bottom, allowing your eyes to adjust, and allowing you to use less sunscreen near your eyes. These glasses aren't just for Hancock and old folks anymore, because the price makes them way too practical in comparison to prescription sunglasses, or even fidgety snap-on alternatives.
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Fit Over Sunglasses

Fits Over Sunglasses are created to be worn over prescription frames to provide ultimate protection from the sun. Haven Fits Over Sunwear™, PolarOptics® and Solar Shield® Designer brands offer advanced-lens technology and additional frame features for improved performance and value. Our Fits Over Sunglasses are available in numerous style and sizing options to provide optimal fit for all prescription eyeglass wearers. View products and information on each of our fits over brands to find the style and size that fits your prescription eyeglasses.
Haven® Sunglasses

PolarOptics® Sunglasses

Solar Shield® Sunglasses

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